Starters                                                                                 EURO

Roasted Goose lever, apple tart Tatin, Calvados sauce                                                              20,00

Scallops en his ravioli with lemon thyme, Vadouvan sauce                                                       22,00

Fish soup, rust-colored sauce and croutons                                                                                 18,00

Grilled king shire crab foor with herbs butter                                                                            26,00

Croquettes with shrimps from Zeebrugge (home made)                                                           17,00



Oysters  Gillardeau                    six           18,00                Twelve

Lobster in ours piano homarium fished               8,00 / 100 gr

  Cold with sauce      Or    Grilled with herbs    Or    “A l’Armoricaine



Grilled Dover sole and fine mustard sauce       of     “Meunière”                                             34,00

Sea devil medallion, pressed of vegetables with Kerrie from Madras                                    29,00         

Grilled bass stuffed with parmesan and rocket                                                                           29,00

King cod fish with braised wood mushrooms                                                                               30,00



Sirloin with pepper from Madagascar                                                                                            32,00

Calf’s sweetbread with fried onions, mustard emulsion                                                             32,00

Duck breast with lemon and white Porto sauce                                                                          29,00